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My heart is BIG enough to GIVE – Amy Miller, Aged 5


The clock is ticking - everday lives are lost due to the lack of donors. We need your help!


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Read more about the Myths and misperceptions about donations. 


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Read more about this special donor – 

Amy Miller from Durban, South Africa.

Amy was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), which means she is now in desperate need of a heart donor of blood type B+.

Thank you -

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Amy, her sister Layla, and her loving parents, Michael and Natasha Miller have all signed up to become organ donors. Although, they are looking for a heart for Amy, they also realise that if something should happen to their little angel, that she could save other lives too.

They would like to get more people in South Africa to take the step to becoming organ donors, and to sign-up their children too.


Let's start making something positive come out the sadness of death - each death could potentially save many others. Higher rates of pediatric organ donation would extend and improve the lives of many more children and adults awaiting solid organ transplantation.

to the Cape Town’s Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital for treating Amy and Tasha when medical aid issues cropped up.

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